Cement Tile Adhesive

MEIKAI cellulose helps to enhance the construction performance and construction efficiency of tile adhesives. It can provide water retention and cohesiveness for thinset mortars.

HPMC Cellulose for Tile Adhesive

Common tile adhesives in use today are mastic and thinset mortar. The thin-set method is widely used in the application field of tile adhesive. It is a multi-functional tile bonding method that can provide longer construction time, better flexibility and strong adhesion.

Easy mixing without lump formation

Meikai cellulose ethers as additives are vital when dry powder products are mixed by hand. The lubricating properties of Meikai cellulose ethers reduce friction between particles, saving time and making thorough dispersion easier.

Improved workability

The lubricity of MEIKAI cellulose ethers improves workability, making spreading easier and increasing efficiency. Users also prefer the "feel" that cellulose products give to tile adhesives and grouts.

Good water retention

Cellulose increase the water retained by the adhesive, minimizing the amount absorbed by the substrate and by the tile. This prolongs open time, and brings gains in productivity because the adhesive can be applied to a wider area. Meikai cellulose also can extend shelf life and pot-life of ready-mixed adhesives, prolonging their usefulness.

Enhanced adhesion and sliding resistance
MEIKAI cellulose products enhance adhesion, even at high ratios of water to solids, ensuring a better result and preventing sagging. MEIKAI additives can help your products resist sliding, a benefit that tile setters will appreciate.
Heat resistance
Redispersible polymer powders can be included in formulations using meikai cellulose ethers to ensure that adhesives offer bonding strength after exposure to heat.

Recommendation grade

Mikazone™ redispersible powders improve the application characteristics and, together with the thin-set method, allow increased yields and easier and faster-working methods.

Mikavae™ Redispersible powders further improve the workability and rheology of tile adhesives (either their non-slump properties on the wall or their self-leveling property when applied to floors depending on the type of powder used) and improve their water retention.


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