Tile Grouts

Grout (cement based joint fillers) are used to fill gaps between different types of tiles. They can be applied in different widths and are available in many different colours.

What Does Joint Filler Mean ?

Joint filler is a material that is used between two sections of concrete, which in contrast to concrete, is a relatively compressible material so that it will not fail as the concrete around it grows and shrinks due to temperature changes or movement

Concrete is not compressible for the most part. Therefore, whenever a joint is required between two or more pieces of concrete, it is important that some space be allowed between them so that they do not fracture each other as they shrink or expand. Joint filler allows the walls of the concrete joint to compress against it, rather than the concrete slabs compressing against themselves.

Care should be taken to place a sealant on the joint filler so that water does not find its way into it, otherwise the water may freeze and render the compressible joint filler material unable to compress, thus potentially resulting in the concrete breaking.


Cellulose for tile grouts/joint fillers

For a good tile grouts product, rich and uniform color is the essential requirement, also should have the characteristics of low shrinkage, low porosity, easy operation, high early strength, and so on.

  • Provide suitable consistency, excellent workability, and good plasticity
  • Ensure the proper open time of the mortar
  • Improve the cohesion of the mortar and its adhesion to the base material
  • Improve sag-resistance and water retention


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